Meet the new associate editor of the Mormon Studies Review

His name is Ben Park.  He’s studying in a Ph.D. program in early modern American religion at Cambridge, England.  He’s definitely into seeing early Mormonism as a result of 19th century influences.

Here is his web page where he lists his publications.

He blogs a lot on the “Juvenile Instructor” blog.  You can find his blogs here:

Here’s his take on the new Review

If you want to know his views on how to do Mormon studies properly see here:

5 thoughts on “Meet the new associate editor of the Mormon Studies Review

  1. Thanks for the shout-out and links to my writing, Prof. Hamblin!

    If I may, though, I would like to take issue with being described as “seeing early Mormonism as a result of 19th century influences,” because I certainly don’t. I believe in revelation, and I hold sacred the truths and scriptures revealed to Joseph Smith, which I have had the the great privilege to proudly teach the last two summers in the BYU religion department. My academic writings, though, are more interested in the cultural context in which early Latter-day Saints understood and experienced those truths; basically, you could say, I try to understand the “manner of their language” that allowed them to “come to [an] understanding” (D&C 1:24). Do I always succeed in framing it the right way, maintaining the right balance, and explaining my conclusions in a responsible manner? Probably not, since I am, as my friends lovingly call me, an idiot, as well as, as my dissertation advisor reminds me, inexperienced. But I am trying, and I certainly hope to improve.

    Also, if readers want to see a more polished version of the last link you provide above (in which editors help smooth out most of my clunkly and awkward writing!), you can find the published paper here.

    I’m personally excited for the Review, and can only hope that I can help in whatever small way I can. We certainly have tall shoulders to stand on!

    All best,
    Benjamin Park

  2. But your interests are in the Book of Mormon as a nineteenth century book, right? I certainly haven’t read everything you’ve written, but it seems to me you’ve never discussed the Book of Mormon as an ancient text, is that correct? I’m just trying to get an understanding of the new direction for the Review.

  3. Thanks for the question. My own academic research has focused on the 19th century reception and interpretation of the Book of Mormon, which I think is different than studying the Book of Mormon as a 19th century book. I have not written on the Book of Mormon as an ancient text because ancient studies is not my field of expertise, though I personally believe the BoM to be ancient scripture. I do not think works that examine the Book of Mormon as an ancient text wouldn’t be considered by the journal, and am in fact excited to see submissions in that field.

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